About us

ASAB ltd Company was founded at 17 January 2012 as part of ALB-STAR GROUP.

Its activity is mainly associated with the production of asphalt and different class of concrete for ALB-STAR GROUP requirements and also for the market. Also ASAB ltd is focused to producing and marketing of various types of aggregates.
Our plants are located outside of Tirana, but also they are mobile, and can be moved easily to other worksites. “ASAB” ltd due to its modern plants is intended to offer in asphalt and concrete market a serious partner, also to provide best quality and maximum correctness.

The asphalt plant “MBA 2000″ and the concrete plant “MOBIL SPA 1″ ensures high quality production for the domestic market because they are new technology plants with highest capacity installed in Albania.
Due to their new production technology, the plants are according to European standards for environmental protection.
ASAB ltd is determined to offer at market the indisputable quality of asphalt and concrete production and high-quality services combined with engineering experience.